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Nancy Allen as Chris Hargensen in Carrie Carrie Movie 1976, Nancy Allen, 80s Actresses
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John Travolta and Nancy Allen, magazine shoot to promote the movie Carrie (1976)
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The Movies Of Nancy Allen
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Casey Falls is the assistant of commodity trader Peter Oak, but wants to get a license herself. When the diabolic Nike appears and promises to make her ...
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Nancy Allen & Brian De Palma
Kirk Douglas
Nancy Allen in “Home Movies” (De Palma)
Nancy Allen as Jean refusing to comply with her teacher during P. detention in "Carrie"
an homage to screen siren Nancy Allen : Photo
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Also in 1990, Nancy had the honor of appearing in the very first Lifetime original movie — Memories of Murder! Critically panned, it nevertheless proved ...
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Finally, in 1987, Nancy took what I believe is the best role of her career — Officer Anne Lewis in Robocop. With her trademark blond curls shorn in favor of ...
Kirk Douglas is an American actor, producer, director, and author from the film industry's Golden Age, who debuted opposite Barbara Stanwyck in the film ' ...
The Philadelphia Experiment
... Gordon — was 1980's Dressed to Kill, one of several films that prompted critics to compare De Palma to Hitchcock (and not always flatteringly). Nancy ...
Nancy Allen, Peter Weller, RoboCop 2
Nancy Allen in Blow Out
Watch Closely: Brian de Palma's Surveillance States, 1965–1984 - Kinoscope
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Brian De Palma
Nancy Allen
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The Philadelphia Experiment
In 1983 Nancy co-starred with Paul Le Mat in Strange Invaders, a follow-up to director Michael Laughlin and writer Bill Condon's superlatively weird Strange ...
Michael Douglas
Class of 1964 --- as old as Dolly Parton now. Nancy Allen ...
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Tim Allen on 'Last Man Standing's rare conservative perspective (and why no Trump)
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Haven't done any movies in awhile but here's one that seemed to slip through the cracks. I just wish I remembered more details other than the fact that I ...
Nancy Allen
Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon, and Gerrit Graham in Home Movies (1979)
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Nancy Kovack
College graduation, 1939
Nancy Travis in black and white on a bright orange background
Three legends from the Actors' Studio
Douglas in Paris at the 2016 César Awards ceremony.
Nancy Travis, left, and Tim Allen play Vanessa and Mike Baxter on 'Last
Director Brian De Palma followed Carrie with another gory vaunt into the supernatural. Here's why The Fury deserves a revisit.
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Home Movies
Allen Hassan, an investment banker, dons a headpiece that includes a coyote head with antelope horns. Below: Hassan rocks steampunk style for the festival.
How Grease Beat the Odds and Became the Biggest Movie Musical of the 2 | Vanity Fair
Nancy allen the actress
'Home Movies': Brian De Palma's Personal Family Crises Played for Laughs
How Grease Beat the Odds and Became the Biggest Movie Musical of the 2 | Vanity Fair
The rest of Nancy's resume is a mix of movie and television credits. She had a starring role in 1962's The Wild Westerners, alongside James Philbrook, ...
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Kirk Douglas with his wife Anne Buydens at their house in Hawaii in 1965. The
Nancy Allen
When Kirk met Anne he was engaged to his former co-star Pier Angeli,
With Lauren Bacall in Young Man with a Horn (1950)
22, 2015 file photo, Tim Allen, star
Nancy Coleman ...
Nancy ...
Stage Raw: Before Kirk Douglas Forgets
Nancy Allen, Peter Weller, RoboCop 2. 5- RoboCop 2 (1990). Advertisements
Nancy Coleman ...
Enduring love: Mia Farrow is pictured with Frank Sinatra in 1967, during their marriage
Kirk Douglas in 1957's Paths of Glory
Nancy Farrar, PA
Cast[edit]. Kirk Douglas as The Maestro; Vincent Gardenia as Dr. Byrd; Nancy Allen ...
John Allen Cockerell, MD
Nancy C. Smith
Mgu interview actress nancy allen
Portrait of Philip G. Allen
The high-living Allan Carr with his star, in Malibu, 1977.